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The experience of bamboo underwear and socks, you immediately notice the difference.

Experience bamboo underwear and socks and you will immediately feel the difference. 
Soft and comfortable - whether you sleep, exercise or work. Bamboo is breathable, and its natural antimicrobial and thermoregulatory properties also keep moisture and odors away and keep you cool all day long.

More gentle than many man-made fibers like cotton, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin. No more itching and irritation. Your skin will be protected.


Bamboo grows fast, needs very little water, fertilizer or pesticides and binds a large amount of carbon dioxide. Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and 35% more oxygen than similar plants. 
With its rapid growth, bamboo matures within seven years. It does not need to be replanted as it has a large root network that is constantly sprouting new shoots. It helps to improve the condition of the soil and prevent soil erosion.
Because of all these facts, the cultivation of bamboo is considered sustainable for the environment.


Isn't it the best feeling to slip into nice underwear? It makes you feel comfortable and confident and ready for the next day. We have a large selection of fantastic colors and designs that bring great variety to your underwear drawer.

Bamboo fiber fabric is included in a wide range of products within underpants, T-shirts and socks, all of which can be found here in the shop.

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At you can buy underpants, socks, undershirts and sweaters from all the well-known brands. We lead Bjørn Borg, JBS, Resteröds, Claudio, Calvin Klein, Muchachomalo, Egtved, Hugo Boss CR7. We trade with well-known brands, which is your guarantee that you always get the best quality. At you can easily and conveniently order your socks and underpants, and we guarantee fast delivery. We strive to ensure that you as a customer are in focus, and here you will always receive good treatment. We buy big so we can sell our socks and underpants at the right prices. Go to and see our large selection of socks, underpants, T-shirts and sweaters.

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At, boxer shorts are one of the most popular products. Boxer shorts have become popular with both the older generation and the young. You can always find Bjørn Borg boxer shorts, Hugo Boss boxer shorts, Resteröds boxer shorts, Christiano Ronaldo CR7 boxer shorts, Muchachomalo boxer shorts, Calvin Klein boxer shorts, JBS boxer shorts, Claudio boxer shorts and many more. We especially sell many boxer shorts for gifts, which you can also get wrapped nicely for DKK 10. We can always find a boxer shorts model that suits you, and there are always many cheap boxer shorts to be found on our offer page. Surf around the site and see our large selection of boxer shorts.

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We lead JBS jerseys and Resteröd's jerseys. Our sweaters are all in good quality, and are in different fits, so we make sure that there is always one that suits you. Our sweaters are the model grand dad´s and have a stylish look with buttons from the neck down to the chest. See our large selection of smart sweaters. All our sweaters are available in different price ranges.

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